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Safety In Numbers Documentary

No sheep were harmed in the making of this record (just sedated). An oldie but goodie…check out this behind the scenes documentary about writing, recording and living Safety In Numbers. This piece was originally released in four parts over a decade ago to accompany the original drop of the album. We’ve put it back together for your viewing pleasure (Note: we left the original unedited, so you could laugh with/at us about video transitions and various effects everyone used …

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Brad Blackwood on Remastering Safety In Numbers

I’ve had the pleasure of mastering records for Umphrey’s McGee for a few years now, starting with Similar Skin in early 2014. Mastering is the last creative step and the first technical step in finalizing a record – mastering is essentially an experienced, unbiased listener in a great room with great monitors listening and tweaking the music so it will sound as good as it can regardless of the playback system or environment. On Umphrey’s McGee’s …

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Safety In Numbers Reissued

Almost ten years to the day of its original release, Safety In Numbers is back with a fresh coat of polish. Remastered and once again available on vinyl (180-gram double-LP, for those scoring at home), this is one for you collectors out there. Today also marks the first time SIN has been available in a variety of new lossless digital formats, including the first 24bit release. We have also made a few updates to the …

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