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XYZ Audio Live Streams

umXXV tour rolls on this April with a dozen dates and we are excited to bring you the next step in the evolution of Starting April 12th, collect individual shows and get access to live soundboard audio of the show. Passes are available for only $5.00 per night, or pre-order all 12 shows and save. These open edition tokens will feature new artwork with something special awaiting those who collect all dozen. We remain …

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and i wanna believe

. . . that the moment relied on me LISTEN

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You & Me Stuff

It’s a hard pill to swallow realizing that your best two album titles have been wasted on your first two albums (read: not your best two albums). Behind the chart adverse debut of Greatest Hits: Volume III, the pump was primed for breakout classic that is/was/could have/should(n’t) have been Songs For Older Women.  No matter where you come down on it, it’s now yours for the taking. Mamu couldn’t have fathomed her restrained yet innovative …

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