About Vincent Iwinski

Although probably best known for his cameo in the classic film “Rudy,” Vince Iwinski has managed UM since the early days. Hailing from the south side of Chicago with Polish roots, he never met a perogi or polish sausage he couldn’t handle. He’s never met a promoter or agent that he couldn’t handle, either. Vince’s exceptional people skills, straight shooting demeanor, and general likeability have earned him a stellar reputation in a business with more than a few questionable characters. He has tirelessly worked on UM’s behalf since day one, doing whatever needs to be done. After quitting a mundane desk job at AT&T (not before borrowing more than a few office supplies for Umphrey’s marketing needs), Vince spent a few years on the road tour managing before settling in to the home office full time in 2002. Vince has recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina to set up UM HQ East and improve his tan with Stasik and Farag. His wife has no complaints.

When not deftly negotiating contracts, Vince can be found honing his fishing skills on a skiff in the Hamlin Sound. Vincent Francis Iwinski lives and breathes Umphrey’s McGee and refuses to rest until there’s a UM track playing nonstop from a stereo in every 196 countries on this great earth.

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