About Robbie Williams

Robert Hunter Williams was born and raised in the epicenters of American Macro-brews. He was born in Milwaukee, but spent his formative years in St. Louis, Missouri. Despite living in various other places as well (Kansas City, New Orleans, Fayetteville, Chicago), he’s not torn on what baseball team he routes for or what beer he drinks. He’s a diehard Cardinal fan and a Bud man. Robbie has worked every job possible in the concert production industry at one point or another. He was tour manager for Dark Star Orchestra before coming to work for the Umphrey’s McGee family and has worn multiple hats since joining UM. He’s settled in as Stage Manager and Drum Tech. That big semi full of gear that you see outside the venue is Robbie’s baby and “Summer Home.” He’s the shepherd that keeps every piece of gear on the road organized, working and account for. Nicknamed “The Old Man,” he’s the seasoned vet who knows how to handle any situation. To keep his vocal and guitar chops solid for Finger Tight (UM crew band extraordinaire), Robbie spends countless hours studying Bob Weir and The Grateful Dead. Robbie is the grease that keeps the Umphrey’s McGee touring machine rolling.

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