About Kevin Browning

Kevin Browning, born a mere three decades after Joel Cummins, has never been one to stand idly by. Excelling in all areas of studies as a youth, Kevin was determined to put his Notre Dame degree to good use but ultimately picked up a pair of headphones from a local South Bend pawn shop and never looked back. Donating his Chevy Suburban for early band transport, Kevin hit the road to mix, record and produce Umphrey’s McGee from 1998 to 2010. As a consummate jack of all trades, Kevin fulfilled whatever roles demanding filling.

Despite his love of the road and keen ear for sound caressing, Kevin’s strong business sense and creative superpowers were needed at home and left the road to join manager Vince Iwinski at UM HQ in 2011. Kevin continues to pour his heart and soul into all facets of the UM enterprise, intent on furthering Umphrey’s fans first approach to all facets of the music business. ¬†When not concocting the next curveball idea, Kevin enjoys taking tens of thousands of photos of his kids, racing triathlons, and consuming enough delectable food and wine to kill a yak.

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