About Joel Cummins

Sociologists marvel at the enigma that is Joel Cummins, one rarely finds an only child like Joel loose in the wild. An eternal optimist and beacon of positivity, it takes more than a broken keyboard and curfew mix up to rain on Joel’s parade. Unbeknownst to many, Mr. Cummins actually hails from Metropolis, Illinois, growing up mere streets away from Superman, giving him a supernatural ability to amass both vintage & current keyboards. After years of rigorous piano studies, Joel ex- panded his arsenal to include more than 119 keyboards (after intense negotiations with the crew, Joel’s setup has been lim- ited to six, occasionally seven keyboards, in his live rig). Beyond his extensive keyboard wizardry, Joel brings many other valuable assets to the UM organization. His knowledge of tour routing and keen market analysis proves invaluable to the management team. However his show ideas must occasionally be nixed when it’s clear he’s attempting to route the tour into his next exotic vacation. Four nights in Bali, really Joel?

Joel’s passions extend far beyond the musical realm, with a love for travel with his wife Dasha, great cuisine, chatting up strangers and generally making the world a better place whether he’s on the road or at home in Venice, California. His energy is infectious and despite his age, he still throws a pretty mean spiral. The moniker of Joel Montana rings true when he’s on the field as UM’s quarterback.

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