About Jake Cinninger

Niles, Michigan native Jake Cinninger is truly a rare breed. His musical virtuosity starts at an almost unfathomable age, drumming prolifically at the age of 3. Cinninger had played more gigs by the age of 13 than many musicians have played in a lifetime. His musical knowledge runs deeper than the Pacific, with his ability to play a dozen instruments only matched by his extensive mental index of tens of thousands of albums (Jake finds something to love about every record). With a highly trained ear, Jake can extract the best tone from virtually anything in proximity. The man can plug a tennis racket into a rock and you can hear angels singing. In addition to Umphrey’s compositions, Jake has written and recorded hundreds of songs running the musical gamut, from ambient sleep lullabies to Norwegian death metal masterpieces. Nothing is off limits.

When not melting faces, Jake can be found excelling at fatherhood. Currently living in the football mecca that is South Bend, Indiana, Jake splits his days teaching his kids the importance of mastering the Fisher-Price soundboard and writing the next rock opera masterpiece in his ever expanding Boon Dock studio. A lover of dogs and the simpler things in life, Jake is happiest strumming an acoustic guitar on a crisp fall afternoon in the Michigan sun while his family keeps him company.

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