About Bobby Haight

Being a tour manager is similar to being a sports referee in that when you do your job perfectly, nobody notices. Well, almost nobody, we notice. Bobby started working with Umphrey’s McGee over the NYE 2011 run in St. Louis. It was clear right away that he was a good fit and anytime anything is amiss, it’s his job to fix it. You see, Bobby has the thankless job of trying to keep the entire band and crew happy–at all times. Technically, his job is much more than that-advancing travel logistics, spreadsheets galore, contracts, riders, food– all things the fans don’t get to see. But behind the scenes, Bobby runs the show. And like most tour managers, he winds up being a scapegoat. When something isn’t perfect, just blame Bobby. No ice in the cooler? Bobby. Post–show pizza is cold? Bobby. Hotel shower room is out of towels? Bobby. Street light 100 yards behind the stage is too bright? Bobby. Sun is in your eyes? Bobby. Typo on the lyric sheet? Bobby. Internet on the bus isn’t working? Bobby. Flight is delayed? Bobby. Not enough balloons falling at midnight? Bobby. Nothing on TV? Bobby. Too many dudes backstage? Bobby. Girlfriend is being moody? Bobby. You get the idea. We are so appreciative that Bobby works his ass off for us and makes all of life’s problems just fade away. His tireless, round–the–clock work ethic and gregarious demeanor ensures that not only will each concert go on, but that all of us will have someone to blame when everything is not 100% perfect, which is always.

P.S. All of this typing has our fingers sore. Bobby, do you have any aspirin?

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