About Bob Ston

Born in Elmhurst, Illinois and growing up in John Belushi’s hometown of Wheaton, Illinois, Bob Ston has been an integral part of Umphrey’s McGee since 2000. Picked up from the Canopy Club on waivers, Bob is the longest tenured “touring” employee of Umphrey’s McGee, famously having to pay to get into UM’s NYE at the Cubby Bear in 2000 when Kevin denied him guest list while he waited in line in the rain. He worked his first gig with UM on 9/16/2000, worked part-time during 2000–2002, and was eventually hired full time in October of 2002. Along with most of the UM crew, Bob currently holds several different positions in the Um touring machine. You know him as the Monitor Engineer (dude on stage behind the soundboard) but he is also the Production Manager and Lighting Crew Chief; he makes sure all those lights work! When not touring or playing bass for Finger Tight, Bob enjoys long walks along the Chicago lakefront, reading trashy romance novels, the Chicago White Sox/Bears/Bulls and talking as much and as loudly as possible. A couple little known facts about Bob… he has the ability to wake up 10 minutes before load–in and always make it into the venue on time, it’s uncanny. He has never had a cup of coffee…his roommie once quipped “It’s not my fault Bob doesn’t like coffee!” And he blew up the subwoofer at CBGB’s in 2006 while subbing for KB at FOH, a proper way to shut down the original NYC punk club.

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