Rock The Pink

Calling All Umphrey’s McGee Fans: Unite Against Cancer! ๐ŸŽต

In the harmonious spirit of unity and love that has always defined our incredible Umphrey’s McGee community, we invite you to join us in a heartfelt battle against one of life’s most formidable adversaries โ€“ cancer.

Introducing our exclusive Umphrey’s McGee Rock The Pink Charity Line!

๐Ÿงข Limited Edition Hat: A head-turning piece of wearable art that proudly boasts the UM logo and a design that encapsulates the power of music and love in the fight against cancer.

๐Ÿ‘• Collectible T-Shirt: A stunning, collectible tee that will let you wear your heart on your sleeve, showcasing your unwavering support for those affected by cancer.

Why We’re Doing This:

Cancer affects countless lives, including many within our Umphrey’s McGee family. We’ve seen friends, family members, and fans bravely face this relentless opponent, and we believe that together, we can make a difference. The American Cancer Society is at the forefront of this battle, tirelessly working to fund research, support patients and their families, and ultimately, find a cure.

How You Can Help:

Purchase the Hat and T-Shirt: By wearing these exclusive items, you’ll be raising awareness and contributing directly to the American Cancer Society’s crucial work. Every dollar you spend makes a meaningful impact.

Share the Message: Let your fellow UM fans know about this collaboration. Share our message on social media, at concerts, and with friends and family. Together, our reach is limitless.

Donate Directly: If you’re not interested in purchasing merchandise but still want to help, you can make a direct donation to the American Cancer Society HERE or scan the QR code below. Each week’s top donor will be handsomely rewarded with RTP incentives.