Hall of Fame: Class of 2021

Hall of Fame: Class of 2021 is now available wherever you listen.

::Write a blurb announcing the new Umphrey’s McGee Hall of Fame: Class of 2021 album in the style of the Founding Fathers::

Of the people, by the people, for the people . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In a most auspicious and electrifying manner, we are honored to present to you a momentous occasion in the annals of musical history. Behold, the resplendent release of “Hall of Fame: Class of 2021” by the illustrious Umphrey’s McGee.

In the year of our Lord, 2021, the fervent fervor of Umphrey’s McGee’s live performances swept across the land like a tempestuous wind, leaving audiences in awe and wonderment. A pantheon of performances, each more transcendent than the last, unfolded throughout that year. And now, dear patrons of the auditory arts, the power lies with you to immortalize the most spectacular renditions of a singular song.

In an unprecedented display of democracy, Umphrey’s McGee beseeched you to exercise your most sacred and solemn right: the right to vote. You cast your ballot for the most extraordinary live versions of cherished UM compositions from the year 2021. Your voice has been heard, your choices counted, and the songs that emerged victorious shall now ascend to the hallowed Hall of Fame.

With pen and parchment, you took the moment to shape history and determine the performances that shall be enshrined for all time.

As the sun sets on this grand endeavor, let us come together in harmony, as did our forefathers when forging a new nation. Celebrate the artistry of Umphrey’s McGee, and let us unite in the spirit of music and democracy as we unveil “Hall of Fame: Class of 2021.”

Long live the power of the people to choose the sublime.

Yours in the pursuit of musical excellence,

Cornelius J. Tunester

P.S. Enjoy the fruits of your labor now, as we call upon you this Monday next, to commence casting ballots for the much anticipated Class of 2022!