XYZ Audio Live Streams

umXXV tour rolls on this April with a dozen dates and we are excited to bring you the next step in the evolution of Starting April 12th, collect individual shows and get access to live soundboard audio of the show. Passes are available for only $5.00 per night, or pre-order all 12 shows and save. These open edition tokens will feature new artwork with something special awaiting those who collect all dozen.

We remain humble and grateful for the support as we continue to experiment with As thanks, existing collectors can redeem a free audio stream for each umXXV collectible that they own.

See you on the road (or the couch).  Onward and Upward.

Nerdy Stuff: 

  • Collecting the show gives you access to live soundboard stream and on-demand audio in perpetuity
  • Each pass will go live at 1pm CT on the day of the show and remain open for 24 hours
  • Total edition size will be determined by the total number minted
  • Tokens will be minted on the Polygon blockchain to ensure the $5 price tag stays $5. Adios gas fees
  • After the April tour is over, holders of any of the dozen shows will have the option to mint their tokens to the Ethereum blockchain as part of the existing umXXV collection
  • Art to be revealed next week, current imagery is placeholder
  • Info on bundle coming early next week