umXXV Tour Digital Collectibles Update

A few updates on tokens as we launch into the West Coast run.

  • umXXV Collectibles are now .0125 ETH / ~$20 (50% discount), available to purchase with a credit card or ethereum wallet
  • Buy a specific show, access the nothing too fancy cam + soundboard audio live for that specific show
  • Hold a show token? Watch that show on demand from your account
  • The California poster art by Kory McGeehan is spectacular (see above), as brought to life by Pete Herzog; support art, it makes the world a nicer place to live in
  • Each day’s show will go live at 2:00 pm ET at

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✏️ The nightly N2F cam is a work in progress and not a perfect science. If we are unable to bring you video because of bandwidth (or otherwise), we will stream audio so you are able to experience it live one way or another. Thanks for your patience as continue to dial it all in.


January 9, 2023

The UM 25th anniversary train kicks off on January 12th, and to celebrate, we are offering a limited edition piece of UM history to accompany each show. Head to where each show will be immortalized as a digital collectable on the blockchain. Only 25 editions of each show will be minted and made available via a high-quality audio web3 player. Each token will be paired with limited edition ticket art and will give owners access to exclusive UM content and offers.

Each series will be available starting at Noon (12:00 pm) ET on the day of the show and audio will be updated post show. 

25 Years
25 Editions per show
.025 ETH

Onward & Upward in 2023