Archive Roulette Rolls On

The umXXV celebration rolls on with the next installment from the ongoing Archive Roulette series with Nugs. On the 25th of every month, we will be adding an unreleased show from the archives to the UM streaming catalog. We will also be premiering select shows as subscriber exclusive livestreams each month.

The video series kicks off this Saturday (February 25th) with a premiere of March 26th, 2006 from Hamburg, Germany. Subscribers, set your reminder. If you are new to, sign up to watch and also listen to thousands of hours of UM.



January 25, 2023

And soon enough those things that happen then
could only wait for your remembering when


The umXXV celebration is off and rolling, and we are just getting started. We’re pleased to share the first drop of a curated archival series that will occur throughout 2023. Spelunking the UM vault continues to yield a growing pile of unreleased live audio and video from the last 25 years. Old, just like Joel.

The first spin of the wheel has landed us a mere 20 years back in Bloomington, Indiana on January 23rd, 2003. Despite it being Kris Myers’ first show behind the drum kit for UM, he manages to sound remarkably settled in. You decide for yourself.

The entire series will be available exclusively through and Additional details including specific show info, drop cadence, and the opportunity to submit show requests all to come!

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