Hall of Fame 2021

“Seasons come and go and everything it has to change . . . “

Before we bid adieu to the year at hand, we are pleased to roll out the vinyl inductees for the Hall of Fame: Class of 2021. It is an eclectic bunch this year: equal parts hard-driving, danceable, and moody.

As a HOF first, the 2021 class features two different limited edition double-LP offerings. The N2F edition will contain two opaque metallic gold records while the 2F edition features two clear vinyl with multi-color splatter. The N2F edition will be a single pressing of 1,000 total copies while the 2F version will consist of only 250 units.

Tied to the 2F is a limited edition digital twin that will permanently live on the blockchain. Each record contains a NFC chip that links to a series of unique images corresponding to your specific version. It verifies proof of authenticity and certifies ownership for each album. (Explore further.)

All versions will come with a download of the two-set digital release, totaling over four hours of live Umphrey’s.

Hall of Fame: Class of 2021 Vinyl Selections

A. Bridgeless [Morrison, Colorado, June 19th]
B. The Crooked One [New Haven, Connecticut, May 7th]
C. Seasons [Richmond, Virginia, November 18th]
D. Robot World [Masontown, West Virginia, September 16th] > Bridgeless [June 19th]

The full-length album selections have proven to be a stubborn lot with little consensus across this year’s voting. The full digital HOF 2021 selections will be announced in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Pre-order through Umphrey’s Merch will begin Friday, December 16th at 12:00 pm CT.

(Alpha: Hall of Fame: Class of 2022 voting will commence in February of 2023.)