“New Wings” Video

The tactile lyrical music video highlights UM’s pandemic response of communicating, recording and reimagining the songwriting process from home. To bring this story of transition to life, a miniature set was designed to reflect the creative spaces shared by the band. Fans glide through rooms, catching glimpses of hidden song props scattered throughout the House of UM. “New Wings” captures the retrospective of the entire album and recording process that is woven between these two worlds. 

A deep dive into the intricately detailed House of UM with Director Pete Herzog & Producer Kevin Browning as they explore the creative process behind constructing the video. 

Directed, Designed and Edited by Pete Herzog
Miniatures by Stephanie Herzog
Executive Produced by Kevin Browning
Photography courtesy of Kevin Browning, Graham Burris, Barry Butler, Keith Griner, Jim Leep, Greg Magers, and Michael Weintrob