Umphrey’s Launches Partnership with Groovesafe

Umphrey’s McGee is partnering with GrooveSafe to help our community enjoy music in a fun and safe environment. GrooveSafe is a nonprofit with the goal of stopping unwanted touching, harassment and assault at concerts.

GrooveSafe focuses on consent and body safety awareness as well as ways to keep yourself and your peers safe. Hate, harassment and unsolicited touching can ruin anyone’s good time, and unfortunately it happens more than you think. Learn how to keep our shows fun for everyone in a free Bystander Training 101.

GrooveSafe will be tabling at our upcoming shows at the House of Blues in Boston on February 11th and 12th. If you will be in attendance, please swing by their table to learn about respectful boundaries while at a show.

Umphrey’s recognizes that this problem has gone unchecked in our community for too long, and we are committed to supporting efforts to build safe, respectful dance spaces. In addition to our partnership with GrooveSafe, we commit to centering this issue in our daily security briefings at each show.

Creating a safe scene, controlling your buzz, and looking out for each other is the formula for a loving community. Let’s all do our part to make sure everyone can feel safe and supported while getting lost in the music.