Westville Music Bowl Addition for Plan Bee

Spring is looking up as the Plan Bee Tour grows by another stop this week. Umphrey’s McGee will now take the stage at Westville Music Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut on May 7th and 8th!

We have been aching to get back to the northeast and are pumped to be able to add these shows to our Plan Bee Tour. The socially distanced seat pods that Westville Music Bowl is offering are in line with the conscientious concert experiences we are aiming to bring you, as live music begins to return.

Seat pods will be sold in sets of 2 and 4, and will go on sale this Thursday, April 8th at NOON (12:00) ET. Grab tickets for both Friday, May 7th and Saturday, May 8th.

Tickets are priced as follows (plus applicable fees):

Floor: $75.00
Lower / Mid Bowl: $65.00
Upper Bowl / Bleachers $50.00
Side View $40.00

To learn more about how Westville Music Bowl is creating a safe concert experience for guests, please visit: www.westvillemusicbowl.com/about-westville-music.

Tickets are still available for select Atlanta, Chicago, and Detroit Plan Bee shows. Grab your tickets now, and join us on the road this spring!