The Boondock Build: We Have Liftoff

This Friday, April 23rd, watch Jake Cinninger as he constructs a new original song in real-time via livestream from Boondock Studio. He will layer track upon track, narrating his thought process until a finished creation takes shape.

Along with the free stream, we are pleased to share The Boondock Build NFT collection that is now available. From an animated poster with original score to the opportunity to Build Your Own track with Jake, the options run the gamut.

Prepare for lift off by exploring the offerings directly on the Mandolin show page. If you have questions about how to sign in, watch, bid, or why the hell you’d purchase a digital item, head over and peruse the FAQ.


April 13, 2021

The creative process takes many forms, with no obvious right or wrong way. What may work brilliantly one day, can result in your ship stuck in the canal the next. Such is the nature of creation, the nature of songwriting.

Jake Cinninger’s writing processes vary and his methods run the gamut. One that he consistently revisits is the idea of building from the ground up. Conceive an overall framework, layer instruments one by one, see how it unfolds and adjust on the fly. Be meticulous yet fluid in the construction, building block by block, see what fits, see what doesn’t.

In early 2020, we documented some of that process in the Day In The Dock release. That event helped set the stage for the next iteration we are pleased to share, The Boondock Build. As we push the boundary further, Jake will construct a new original song in real-time via livestream. On April 23rd from Boondock Studio, join Jake as he layers track upon track, narrating his thought process until a finished creation takes shape.

In addition to the livestream, we are offering multiple components of The Build as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), marking the drop of UM’s first digital collectibles. Beginning the week of the event, fans will be able to purchase, and bid on, a variety of limited edition art and audio offerings. NFT options will include a digital poster by Justin Helton, 3D animated editions, the song created during the livestream, the opportunity to give the song its name, and more.

Partnering with Mandolin, UM marks its first integration of a live stream with an NFT offering. Fans will be able to access The Boondock Build for free simply by logging in with a crypto wallet. RSVP for the free event now and stay tuned for additional show info, complete NFT details, and more as we approach The Boondock Build on Friday, April 23rd. Check out fan resources/FAQs in the meanwhile if none of this makes any sense.

Thanks for joining us as we explore the creative process both inside the studio and on the blockchain. Onward & upward.