You & Me Stuff

It’s a hard pill to swallow realizing that your best two album titles have been wasted on your first two albums (read: not your best two albums). Behind the chart adverse debut of Greatest Hits: Volume III, the pump was primed for breakout classic that is/was/could have/should(n’t) have been Songs For Older Women. 

No matter where you come down on it, it’s now yours for the taking. Mamu couldn’t have fathomed her restrained yet innovative hacky sack moves as an NFT, but I’m confident she would have been proud. Foresight is 20/20. 

As a tip of the cap to Mamu & the analog realm, this NFT comes with a shrink wrapped, unopened edition of the long out-of-print compact disc recorded back when in November of 1998 at the Madison Oyster Bar in South Bend, IN. (DO NOT ORDER THE OYSTERS). 

Edition of 1. Album Cover + Animated Sunset + “Baby Honey Sugar Darling” soundtrack

When I hear your voice, my ears they melt into a goo.