Live From Big Room Now Available

Live From Big Room Studio Now Available
So Little Hits, Too Much Time

Now available everywhere:

What’s to be done with too much time and so little hits? Well, more banter mostly.

On August 13th, Jake and Brendan (you may know them from better band names such as Shitty Limo) gathered in Brendan’s Big Room Studio for their first, and only, acoustic duo “show” since this whole mess started. The cameras were rolling for a livestream but we managed to hit record on the cassette deck as well. Today, we’re pleased to share the banter, and music, from that steamy summer evening (see: “illegal words”).

You can download the format of your choosing or purchase CDs at or stream the full show on the app. As always, thanks for your support and happy listening.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Bob Ston & Kevin Browning
Cover by Jeremy Welsh

Can’t get enough of the lack of hits and want to represent? We’ve got you covered.