Hall of Fame: Class of 2019

Given 2020 has been an atypical year in most every way, it seemed only appropriate to follow suit with the 2019 Hall of Fame release. In lieu of waiting for the vinyl to land, we have opted to drop the digital version in advance. How about right now?

So with no further ado, we present the fan-voted, improv heavy Hall of Fame: Class of 2019.

We won’t be surprised if a few choices on this year’s release catch you off guard. In addition to the usual fan voting, Team UM weighed in internally in an attempt to better represent some of the lesser discussed shows. This year’s offering highlights a truly collective band and fan effort with every track hailing from a different show, a first in 10 years of HOF albums.

Clocking in at a self-indulgent five hours and 17 minutes, this year’s HOF is the longest to date. With shows from 17 venues in 16 different cities, covering 11 states, the Class of 2019 covers a lot of ground. And because we couldn’t make up our minds, we present the first ever “Attachmentstein,” a hybrid of three different versions of Attachments spliced together. (Can you find the edits?)

This year’s vinyl also features another first, with the historic “Ringo” from 12.30.19 spanning three of the four sides! “Ocean Billy” from 01.12.19 rounds out UM’s first ever clear, multi-colored splatter double LP set. Support UM and analog music by pre-ordering the limited edition vinyl edition now. A limited number of vinyl + autographed photo bundles are also now available. Shipping date is TBA; due to covid clusterfuckery, vinyl will likely arrive in the beginning of 2021.

The full album is now available to stream or download wherever you listen to music.