Final Shows of the Year

Atlanta or Bust . . .

Event poster by @methane_studios

We wish it wasn’t so but alas, the upcoming pair of shows at the Atlanta Motor Speedway will be the final UM shows of 2020. ​We wanted to let you know should you be able to join us. So let’s make ’em count.

We also wanted to share a few additional updates to ensure your time at the speedway is the best it possibly can be. We are raising the height of the main stage video walls to improve sight lines. In addition, we’re adding both audio delay towers and additional video screens in the back half of the lot to ensure you get your proper UM fix. We are confident this will enhance the overall experience for all.

There are less than 50 spots available for Saturday, and Friday isn’t far behind, so if you are on the fence time to get off it and rock.

Night 1:
Night 2: