Got Your Song (Right Here)

Have you ever wanted to emphatically say “I told you so” in song form? Or ever fantasized about having your very own “get out of the doghouse” song at the ready? You give us the name of your girl or boyfriend that you hope to be with forever. And we give you the preemptive apology you (hopefully) will never need. We all make mistakes, so why not be prepared?

Or simply offer proof to those friends who have a hard time believing you know the band.

Whatever your unique or future need may be, we are here to help. Win this auction and receive a customized tune of your very own, courtesy of your currently concertless friends here at Umphrey’s McGee. You supply us with the inspiration, starring characters, preferred genre(s), whether or not you want Joel in the mix, and we’ll take it from there.

The track will be written and recorded next week while we are working on new music and debuting a pair of Wrapped In The Round live concert streams. Auction will end Monday, August 31st. We’ll contact the winner directly for a band video chat on Tuesday, September 1st to discuss your song idea and get to work. Your song, with accompanying cover art, will be delivered no later than September 25th.

Feel free to fire questions our way via twitter or email Happy bidding!