🚨NYE Couch Tour Alert! 🚨

Come correct with four nights of live UM webcasts. You have been warned. 🚫 The first three shows will be $19.99; three-set NYE will be $24.99.

12.27: bit.ly/um122719, 9:30 pm MT
12.28: bit.ly/um122819, 8:00 pm MT, with Cycles to start
12.30: bit.ly/um123019, 8:00 pm MT, with Kyle Hollingsworth Band to start
12.31: bit.ly/um123119, 8:30 pm MT, with Mad Dog’s Filthy Little Secret Horns (three sets)

Keep a keen eye out this year as UM appears to have some unique sets up their sleeves spread out across all four nights.

All webcasts feature live HD video with soundboard audio and two weeks of on-demand replays.