The Conversation Started Something Like This…

Umphrey’s McGee Lakefront Green music video series continues with “The Silent Type,” captured from the sold out show on August 10, 2019 in Chicago. Hang on tight.

Check it out here with, more tracks to follow.

Flight School Studio
Director / Executive Producer: Pete Herzog
Director of Photography: Ryan Hartsell
Editor: Chris Collins
Assistant Editor: Steven Happel

Umphrey’s McGee:
Band: Brendan Bayliss, Jake Cinninger, Joel Cummins, Andy Farag, Kris Myers, & Ryan Stasik
Executive Producer / Drone Operator: Kevin Browning
Managers: Vince Iwinski & Kevin Browning
Man of Many Talents: Matthew Heller
Director of Merchandise + umVIP: Rachel Simmon
Lighting Designer: Jefferson Waful
Front of House Engineer: Chris Mitchell
Tour Manager: Bobby Haight
Production Manager / Monitor Engineer: Bob Ston
Stage Tech: Andrew Queen
Stage Manager: Robbie Williams
Lighting Crew Chief: Louie Meyette
Percussion Tech: Steve Britz
Merchandise: Sam Sutton

©2019 Umphrey’s McGee