Backline: Music Industry’s Mental Health & Wellness Resource

In response to the tragedies that continue to plague our community, we have banded together with 50-plus music industry professionals committed to changing the narrative around mental health, and are launching a new industry-wide mental health initiative, Backline.

Backline is a hub for industry professionals and their families to quickly and easily access mental health and wellness resources. Backline has partnered with leading support organizations and care providers to streamline access to a wealth of services and educational resources specifically geared towards this work and lifestyle.

The website will start as a referral-based system with a team of professionals acknowledging visitors’ individual concerns and leading them to the correct resources. Additionally, you will start to see our educational materials and professionals on tour busses, in green rooms, backstage areas, and beyond.

We have launched today. We know how important this is, and we hope you will join us in supporting this cause.

Backline was created by music industry professionals for music industry professionals, but our efforts don’t stop here. This is a collective push. If you feel that you or your organization can contribute in a greater way, please reach out. In the coming weeks, we will be launching our social media campaign–featuring testimonials about mental health in the music industry–as well as raising funds to support the progress of this project.

Please contact Kendall Deflin ( with any questions.

Thank you!