it’s you : The New, New Album

“Waiting in line for a melody, maybe this time I’ll be right where I’m supposed to be.”

We have been saying it in various ways over the past twenty years, but let our actions speak for us today as we present another new album to affirm that it’s truly not us, but rather you, our fans.

After completing the latest recording sessions and digesting the volume of material we had tracked, it grew increasingly clear that a single album wasn’t realistic. The collective level of enthusiasm around the majority of these tunes made us reluctant to leave much on the cutting room floor (rarely the case). And that is why today we’re elated to continue our 20th Anniversary celebration by unveiling the new, new album from Umphrey’s McGee, it’s you.


Not everyone likes surprises but we hope you don’t mind this one. #itsyou

“You’re only here for a moment, and you know that it won’t last. Another day is given back to you, don’t be so ungrateful if you know you’ll never use it at all.”

it’s not us, it’s you