Premiere: “Forks” Video

“Forks,” the latest visual candy from the it’s not us album, has arrived. With our own Jefferson Waful directing, check out the video’s premiere via PopMatters.

“Sometimes time flies by without recognizing the people that surround you are the fabric of our lives. Sometimes we forget to make sure everyone is ok. Friendship can be the easiest and the most difficult thing as we motion through times of change. In the dark, search for the light.”

– Jake Cinninger

“I’ve been editing video since l was 10 and have always been fascinated by the way music enhances visuals and vice versa. Lighting design in the context of a rock show has always been a very similar artform to me. Very early on in my high school editing days I discovered that if you juxtapose slow motion video with a powerful piece of music, it elicits emotion even if the viewer has no personal connection to the subject. Slow moving lights during a powerful concert moment can achieve the same type of emotional response.

For this video, I tried to approach the editing process from a lighting designer’s perspective, which is something I’ve never consciously done before. With lighting, I’m often trying to recall the perfect cue in an improvisational moment. You only get one shot at it and sometimes you guess right and it’s amazing and often times you guess wrong. Either way, the moment is gone and you move on to the next thing. With video, you can take as long as it takes to get it perfect (for example, the opening shot of the typewriter keys moving rhythmically to the beat.) I probably looked at 87 different typewriter clips to find one that not only resembled our album cover, but also appeared to be pulsing in a similar tempo.

I tried to tell a story that strikes a balance between the feeling of the music, along with any literal interpretation of the lyrics as well as any metaphoric interpretations or any ironic commentary on the subject matter. The ‘search for a light’ lyric is meant to be metaphoric, but I also thought it would be funny to have a mass blackout that caused characters to be literally searching for a light. The ultimate irony is that in the absence of literal light, our characters discover their inner light and humanity rejoices.”

-Jefferson Waful