‘The Longest Day’ Joel Cummins Solo Album

Now available via LiveDownloads.com, “The Longest Day: Solo Piano Music for Dad”, a release from Joel Cummins. This solo album features 12 tracks, recorded by Joel for his late father, Jerry.

All proceeds go directly to the Jerry Cummins ‘I Love Math’ Scholarship.

“In 2014 I recorded some solo piano music for dad to listen to his iPod. Originally intended for just him, I was encouraged to share the music with others last year & help raise some money for a good cause. Through this album we’ve now raised thousands of dollars for Alzheimer’s care at Plymouth Place in Illinois & the Jerry Cummins ‘I Love Math’ Scholarship at Lyons Township High School in suburban Chicago. Your contributions today will go toward the scholarship, helping a high school student pursue a degree in mathematics education in college. Enjoy this solo piano music & thank you again for being a part of dad’s legacy.” – JC