ZONKEY: “Strangletage”



The wait is nearly over. Today, we bring you “Strangletage,” the eighth song from the forthcoming mashup album ZONKEY. “Strangletage” mashes Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold” with the Beastie Boy’s “Sabotage.” On November 11th, we’ll lay it all on you.

“This track smashes with all the classic elements of Nugent’s hard rock riffs — crushed by Jake, Brendan, and Ryan — and classic Beastie Boy tongue in cheek lyrics, all with vicious attitude. Both songs are the same key, tempo and feel, as if they were meant to go together,” quips Kris Myers.

Check out the premiere of “Strangletage” at Ultimate Classic Rock.  

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Tip of the cap to Kyle Baker at Baker Prints for this week’s bananimal cover, mashing an ostrich with a banana. That completes our collection of weekly ZONKEY single covers, here is the sum total of where we landed. We hope you’ve enjoyed viewing them as much as we enjoyed making them.