“Excuse Me Mr. Stasik”

“Excuse Me Mr. Stasik, How Is The Low Country?”

Hey hey good people! Well, the low country is wet, so I’m locked in my studio singing karaoke to Maiden and Priest. No I cannot hit the high notes but Amelia doesn’t know that yet.

On September 23rd-25th, we hosted The second annual Chucktown Ball and our first charity golf event. Even though my team came in last at even par, I’m pretty sure we had the best time on the course. Have to give huge props to everyone involved in making the shows possible. The relentless rain put the kibosh on our vision of an outdoor play. However, we were able to pull off a venue change and still rage, rest & repeat all weekend. Rest until Hurricane Matthew that is…

"What do you got in here, rocks?"

Living in the South has many perks, but it also has hurricanes. Hurricane Mathew whipped through Charleston last week and for many it showed its vulgar display of power. \mm/ (Pantera reference for the metalheads) I was one of the fortunate residents that experienced minimal damage but others were not so lucky. My Wife and Daughter, Mary Welch & Punky, and I decided to help our neighbors clean up their yards the best we could in the following days. It was a wonderful experience lending a helping hand while fostering new friendships. The neighborhood really came together and it made me warm inside knowing we have such a caring community. It was also the first time I have driven on the wrong side of a highway (legally and on purpose) to leave my home in fear of Mother Nature. Growing up in Pittsburgh and Kalamazoo we had the threat of tornados, but never anything as serious as Hurricane Matthew. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were not as fortunate during the storm.

Lastly, I am a very lucky person to not only travel the country playing music, but I’m blessed to meet amazing people along the way. One of those cool cats is Mr. Mike Mulcahy, part of the performance wheel maker Weld Wheels USA.┬áMike and his family are dear friends of mine and they recently helped me trick out my Tahoe.


We decided to go with the Rekon B58B rims in black. Mike asked if we should give them the Manfred Mann treatment. “Do you want to be blinded by the light?” Hell yeah I do! So he polished the outside beadlocks to a light approved by Manfred Mann. Now I’m riding in style in the low country while Punky sings Blackbird in the back seat.


Be well friends,

Bassik Stasik