August Couch Tour

August 2016 tour kicks off next week in the Midwest. Will we be seeing you on the road? Be sure to pick up tickets or umVIP tickets in advance so you don’t get left out in the . . . heat.

If you can’t stand the heat, then join us from cool comfort of your couch for four nights of couch tour, complete with air conditioning! your own bathroom! and the always-popular pants-optional dress code. We are living in the future, people.

Couch Tour kicks off Wednesday, August 3rd in Kansas City and continues through Peoria (4th), Indianapolis (5th), and Louisville (6th). This is the only couch tour being offered in August, so tune in live and then let the On Demand access carry you through August 20th where you can watch and re-watch to your delight. Full details and access at TourGigs.