Hall of Fame: Class of 2015 Voting, Round Two

You have narrowed it down to the Top 40 and Round Two voting starts today. If you are just tuning in, the annual Hall of Fame release is an Umphrey’s show composed solely of heavy hitters: a “show” culled from your favorite tracks of 2015. You weigh in and create the track list, we seamlessly stitch it together into a single segue-laden record.

Whether or not you helped narrow down the track list in Round One, you can partake in Round Two of voting and help pick this year’s winners. Head to hof.umphreys.com and let your voice be heard! (It’ll be good practice for November).

February 3, 2016

The Hall of Fame series is back (with a twist) and we’re ready for input while 2015 is still fresh in your mind.

Remind me about the Hall of Fame you say? It’s an Umphrey’s McGee show composed solely of heavy hitters: a “show” culled from your favorite jams of 2015, seamlessly stitched together into a single segue-laden event. The HOF series is just that and it returns for its 6th year. We are once again asking you to weigh in on your favorite versions of your favorite songs, selecting from performances in 2015.

Think back to the best piece of improv that you remember, the moments that defined your year with UM. Help us help you.

This year we’re trying opting for two rounds of voting to ensure some of the lesser known selections are represented. After the initial round, we’ll present a second ballot with a narrower range of options to select from. We’ll then take the final results and then turn the favorites into a two set “show” for your auditory enjoyment, as usual. Select the “Vote” link from the toolbar and begin entering your classic moments in UM history. Round one voting will end Monday, February 22nd.

If you missed last year’s Hall of Fame offering, check it out here.