UMLive Streaming Makeover

We are pleased to share exciting news as we take the next step in UMLive audio streaming. With our efforts to continually improve the quality and ease of your listening experience, you are about to get an upgrade. Partnering with, we bring you a completely rebuilt service that not only offers you improved access to UM but includes a host of other artists you know and love including Pearl Jam, Widespread Panic, STS9, The Black Crowes, The Disco Biscuits, YMSB, moe., and more.

The new service features an entirely new iOS app, overhauled from top to bottom. It utilizes true gapless playback so say good bye to pauses between segues. You will now be able to save shows to your device for offline playback so you are never out of reach of the archive. In addition, there is improved playlisting and better sharing functionality as well a 24×7 radio stream from the archives. Additionally, these identical features will also now be available in an Android app. Finally.

Besides UM, you will now be able to stream thousands of other shows from artists under the umbrella. But with over 118 days of repeat free Umphrey’s streaming, you ae in good shape no matter what.

All current UMLive subscribers will be automatically upgraded to subscriptions. We’re confident the new version will not only be a significantly enhanced user experience but unlock a massive amount of new music from other artists as well.

Start your free seven day trial now.

Onward & Upward.