Bad Friday featuring YOU

In our continued efforts to blur the line between band and fan, we present UM on Whole World Band. It’s an app designed to put you on stage with us, an opportunity for you to add (or subtract) any instrument, voice, or other any other oddity you’d like. You can even put together your own version and remix the track based on fan submissions. The only limit is your creativity.

We recorded and have released a live version of  “Bad Friday” as a multi-track video on Whole World Band. All you have to do is sign up on the WWB website or download the mobile app, plug in, and play along. We even left 16 bars open in the solo section for you to get creative with. Let’s see what you’ve got.

For an example, check out this version where UM fan Kev Rowe has jumped in on guitar.

To join us “on stage” visit or you can download the free iPhone & iPad app at Enter promo code “BadFriday” when you sign up on the app to get this session for free (and some other free stuff). And please share your videos across socials as we’d love to see what you add (use #BadFriday). We will feature some of our favorites on UM sites.

Wait, I’m still confused, how the hell does this work you ask? Watch this primer.