Stream UMBowl VI from Las Vegas

Umphrey’s McGee and TourGigs are serving up a stream of UMBowl VI live from the Las Vegas Brooklyn Bowl on May 1st. UMBowl is an event like no other. This special four-quarter event (read: four sets) will be streamed in its entirety, pushing the envelope for the longest UM show we have ever streamed. UMBowl is an entirely unique concept focused around fan participation and real time voting* that ensures that an evening full of surprises. (For more details on the four-quarter rock show, check out

Join us this Friday for an HD multi-cam webcast of all that transpires from this Sin City show. Stream goes live at 6:30 pm PT, with kick off at 7:00 pm PT sharp. As usual, we will be offering 20-hour looping replays of the show, so even those with early bed times can get their fill. Get UMBowl VI for only $19.99.

Our streams work on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, iOS devices, Android devices (4.1.2 or greater), ROKU, and now Samsung Smart TV. To watch the stream on Samsung Smart TV Devices, you will need a 2012 (or later) model with the ‘Roxwel’ Channel. From the Roxwel channel, you can select the live streaming from the main menu. Our stream is NOT yet available on other TV platforms or XBox Live. Also, Playstation 4 is not officially supported yet, but many users have reported success watching the show on this platform. Internet Explorer is not recommended as a browser for our streams but may work fine for some users.

* Note: All voting is done by those in attendance. Those on Couch Tour can simply sit back and relax.