A Recap: Jake Cinninger and US Air Force Heritage of America Band “The Blue Aces”

On January 18th, we were contacted by SSgt Aaron Weibe of the United States Airforce regarding their interest in having Jake come to Langley Air Force base in Norfolk, Virginia to do a clinic for and perform with the Blue Aces, a full time rock band for the US Air Force. When presented with this unique opportunity, Jake jumped at the chance, and the Umphrey’s military rock band plan was hatched. After a series of back and forth regarding the schedule, the plan was set, and the morning of February 12th, SSgt Weibe picked up Jake in the morning for his day at Langley. A truly unique afternoon for any American musician.

Below is the schedule provided by SSgt Weibe, along with some photos and video from the outing.

Thanks to SSgt Weibe and the Blue Aces for having Jake, thanks for all you do.

God bless America!

Jake Cinninger/US Air Force Heritage of America Band “The Blue Aces” Itinerary

February 12th, 2015

The Blue Aces
Heritage of America Band & Production Staff

MSgt. Kenny Maurais: NCOIC/Bass
Capt. Michael Hoerber: Commander USAF Heritage of America Band
MSgt. Jeff Saunders: Saxophone
1st Lt. Justin Lewis: Officer in Charge/Productions
TSgt. Justin Allen: Aux Percussion
MSgt. Tyler Selden: Camera/Audio
TSgt. Jason Cale: Guitar
TSgt. Bennett Weidemann: NCOIC Productions/Director
SSgt. Aaron Weibe: Guitar/Guest Artist Coordinator
SSgt. Michelle Hooper: Recording Engineer
SSgt. Michael Henrie: Drums
A1C Nick DelVillano: Studio Asssistant
SSgt. Ryan Rager: Music Director/Keyboards
633 ABW Public Affairs Staff
SrA Maritzaida Acevedo: Vocals

Jake Cinninger, Umphrey’s McGee: Guest Artist


0730: Aaron Weibe depart for Richmond, VA
0900: Arrive at The National/meet with Bobby Haight
1000: Depart w/ Jake Cinninger to Joint Base Langley-Eustis VA (Car Camera On)
1120: Arrive at JBLE – US Air Force Heritage of America Band
1130: USAF “Blue Aces” perform “No Diablo” for Jake Cinninger
1140: Feedback from Jake
1150: Jake rehearses “No Diablo” with Blue Aces
1200: Cameras on, Take 1 “No Diablo”
1215: Take 2
1230: Take 3
1245: Interview with Jake
1315: Lunch
1330: Depart for The National – Richmond, VA w/ Jake Cinninger, Aaron Weibe, Kenny Maurais, Jason Cale
1500: Arrive for Umphrey’s McGee soundcheck