As a nod to the faithful, UM & TourGigs are dialing up free webcast replays all week. Thanks for helping us make it to 2000 shows. Here’s to 2000 more!

TourGigs would like to apologize to anyone who tuned in to watch Umphrey’s McGee 2000th show live stream from Madison, WI. We have determined that an undetected bug in the server caused lag and delay for many viewers. We know the 2000th show was a special one, so we are going to upload the entire show, song by song, to the Umphrey’s McGee YouTube channel so you can relive it whenever you want.

Furthermore, we will be replaying 4 UM shows from the Fall Tour for the next 4 days for free. Beginning tonight as 8 pm CST, we will play the October 25th show from Grand Rapids. The show will be on constant replay for 24 hours, and we will “trim the fat,” so you don’t have to sit through the dead space before the show and between sets.

All shows begin at 8:00pm CST and run for 24 hours:
November 10: Replay of Grand Rapids (10/25)
November 11: Replay of Boston (11/01)
November 12: Replay of Kalamazoo (11/06)
November 13: Replay of Binghamton (10/29)