Brendan Turns 38

As some of you may have seen, Joel pulled a fast one on me for my birthday, insinuating that I was actually older than the old man himself. Well, there’s a little more to the story that Joel has conveniently left out. We were kicked out of the Cubs game after being falsely accused of throwing peanuts at another cubs fan (Joel is allergic to peanuts, and I don’t believe in wasting food). At that point I was out of beer and we were losing so we put up no protest.

In the cab on the way to Alive one for a birthday beer, Joel was bragging about how he was biking and taking public transit and refused to pay for a taxi during his Chicago visit. He then suddenly realized he left his “man purse” at the game. Somehow in the the chaos surrounding the peanut debacle, Joel forgot his prized possession. Adam, my wife, and I got out of the cab so Joel could head back to Wrigley and hopefully find his Murse. At this point, I realized that he is going to have to pay for a taxi, and then pay for another one to come meet us at the bar. So much for his cab free visit to the city. After a round of beers, Joel enters the bar with his man purse and there was much rejoicing.

The following day, we had a birthday gathering for my sister in law whose birthday is today (happy b day Bex). Joel came by for a quick hello, as he was going back to Wrigley for another Cubs game. 30 minutes after he left, I received a text from Joel saying “Just left my bag at your place. Unbelievable.” We were able to locate Joel on TV and repay the favor from the night before (Thanks, Joe for the detective skills). As you can see from the photo below, Karma is a bitch. I think Joel was actually wondering about his beloved man purse in the photo, so I’ve included some additional shots of the Murse in action at my house.

photo (44)

As for the contents of the man purse, there will be a follow up blog post in the coming weeks.

Thank you, Karma.


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