Higgins Jam Saves The Day

Posted by UM fan Max Young this morning on Facebook….classic police encounter.

Cop: “Do you have any idea how fast you were going son?”
Me: “Sorry officer…I have no clue.”
Cop: “Quite a bit faster than the speed limit. Any reason why you’re going so fast this early in the morning?”
Me: “Well, do you want the truth?”
Cop: “Ideally.”
Me: “I was listening to a song that got really intense and I didn’t realize my foot was getting as heavy as the music.”
Cop: “Right…and what were you listening to?”
Me: “Uh…well…you ever hear of Umphrey’s McGee?”
Cop: “….seriously?”
Me: “…guess not –“
Cop: “THAT’S MY FAVORITE BAND!! What song and what show!?”
Me: “….wait — WHAT?!” 
Cop: “What were you listening to??”
Me: “Penn’s Peak–
Me: “Dude….what is happening right now….YES!!”
Cop: “Wow. I guess I understand then…I was at that show — easily my favorite Higgins jam. I’d talk tunes all morning but it’s probably better I get goin — do me a favor and if you want to speed to these guys, do so at the gig, not on the road. Drive SLOW and safely and have a nice day!”
Me: “….wow, thank you?”
Cop on his way back to the car: \mm/
Officer Farag