Announcing the UMLive App

It is with great pleasure today that we launch our long awaited UMLive app for iOS, the mobile companion to our streaming desktop service Access to cloud based streaming of over 1,000 UM shows is now available on the go. With every new show added immediately following the performance, there is simply no better way to stay up to date (and up to your ears) with all things Umphrey’s.

Ten dollars a month or $99/year gets you unlimited streaming access to our robust archives alongside the most current live and studio releases. Try the service for free using the 10-day trial and kick the tires for yourself. In addition, we will be resetting the trial period for any of you who took advantage of the initial trial period when we launched the desktop version so you can try out the app as well (check back for an update on timing, as we are aiming to reset trials sooner than later). An Android version is planned for the future but is not yet currently available.

Head over to the iTunes store and download the app now.