Similar Skincast with Brendan Bayliss

Brendan Bayliss sat down before UMBowl to rap about the new album for the Similar Skincast. That should really be all the reason you need to listen. In case you needed a few more:

  • Find out what Similar Skin means
  • Did you know you’ve never heard the finished “No Diablo”?
  • Hear which album “Bridgeless” didn’t make
  • Listen to “Cut the Cable” from the album without having to look at the band members
  • What lyric does he find to be clever?
  • Obligatory Spinal Tap and Caddyshack references.
  • The live debut of “Similar Skin”.
  • Lego can be gerunded.
  • Hear “Exoskeleton”, an UMBowl V Raw Stewage-style amalgamation of the 4 stewarts that served as the basis for Similar Skin. (Yes, I think the title is clever.)
  • You’ll never guess why Summer Camp is one of his favorite festivals.

00:00 on Similar Skin
03:48 “Hourglass” (4.2.14 Ziggy’s, Winston-Salem, NC)
07:07 on “Hourglass”
08:09 on “No Diablo”
10:17 “No Diablo” (4.18.14 House of Blues, Dallas, TX)
15:57 on Songwriting, “Similar Skin” (The Song), and the Lego Process
18:51 “Exoskeleton”*
32:01 on “Cut the Cable”
33:22 “Cut the Cable” (Similar Skin, out June 10th)
37:12 on New Songs
38:52 “Similar Skin” (5.4.14 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY)
45:17 on “Bridgeless”
46:24 “Bridgeless” (11.2.13 – Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI)
56:18 sign off

* created from 4 different improvisational pieces; August 10/20/12 Cleveland, OH, Theresa 4/27/12 Chicago, IL, Miami Virtue 2/12/12 Baltimore, MD, FF 9/24/11 Norfolk, VA