Choose Your Own Adventure Results

For those of you scoring at home, we wanted to share the final tally for UMBowl Q4 voting. For those of you living under a rock, fans at UMBowl dictated the course of the fourth set by voting for one of three choices tallied in real time. There were a few close calls including Triple Wide edging out Last Man Swerving early on and Mulche’s barely topping Bridgeless for the closer. Rumor has it Browning was in the control booth furiously texting with Cummins like speed to ensureĀ Mulche’s the victor. Hanging chads are being recounted to ensure accuracy of results.

#1 And the opener is

#2 Where to

#3 Pick Your Poison

#4 Gas in the tank

#5 Intro Me

#6 Up Next

#7 Audible

#8 Red Zone

#9 Let's Finish Strong