Preview Digital Tape Machine New EP

Omens jpg

As we prepare to release Digital Tape Machine’s sophomore effort, the forthcoming “Omens” EP, I thought I’d take a minute to introduce you to the title track that I started writing nearly 2 years ago.  Omens began as the three main riffs you hear throughout the song being played on a Roland Juno 60.  The riffs include two very funky, pocket-oriented riffs contrasted with the dark hemiola of the final coda.  After fleshing out some of the voicings and turnarounds over a period of a few months, I brought the tune to DTM’s Joe Hettinga last September and we began trying to craft some melodies and harmonic ideas that would complement what already existed.  Hours and hours of session work later, we’ve finally completed the recording with everyone laying down their respective parts and throwing in their ideas to make it a true Digital Tape Machine song.

Omens as a track embodies so much of what DTM is about at it’s core: earth-shaking bass & rhythms combined with smart melodies that produce a beautiful, yet foreboding sonic landscape that will challenge your mind while moving your feet below you.  As the “Omens” EP unfolds, we explore the sounds of house, funk, hip-hop, dubstep, electro, break beat and rock with a unique combination of instruments both analog & digital, each tune takes you down a unique path through the sound of DTM.  We hope you’ll enjoy “Omens” – both the song and our new EP, which features 4 new original tracks from the ever-expanding catalog of music from Digital Tape Machine.  We look forward to seeing you on the road in 2014.


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