The “Woo” Strikes

We don’t always share analysis on back end issues but we couldn’t resist this one.  The postmortem read like an April Fools Day joke.


The debate over “woo-ing” at shows is one that fans passionately discuss across this scene, regardless of your band(s) of choice. Is the “woo” welcomed fan participation or mindless yelping that dampens your buzz? Regardless of where you come down on the issue, I think we can all find humor in the following.

During our live stream this past weekend, the video player crashed for about 10 minutes during the new original mashup “Push the Booth Deeper.” It turns out the page was corrupted because of the chat function of all things. Our IT guy sent me the wrap up and low and behold, the “woo” was to blame.

After some forensics, I was able to find the cause.  A user entered a message along the lines of “wooooooooooooooo.”  This caused horizontal scrollbars to appear in the chat panel and triggered some sort of loop in the JavaScript that brought the whole browser down.  I tested this a few more times in new pages with empty chat rooms and it was indeed the culprit.  

Who would have the imagined the “woo” could affect us all the way out in cyberspace? We can all hope glow sticks don’t find an alternate way to strike next.

 For your viewing enjoyment “Push the Booth Deeper” – regardless of whether you got woo’d or not