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Waful Gets Punk’d: Irony Gets the Last Laugh

If you follow me on social media you may be aware of my love affair with coffee and bagels. It’s part of my daily ritual and I am often tweeting whilst imbibing said caffeine and starch. For a Jew living in Brooklyn, it’s not such an odd concept.  But finding bagels or quality coffee on the road is not as easy.  In the South for example, they look at you funny if you ask for …

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Devastatingly Charming Man Honors UM with Guest Post

Every so often a man comes along with a vision so bold, so insightful that it threatens to radically alter the course of human events.    While we all continue to wait for that man, it’s my distinct honor to introduce this man, Dr. Kyle Baker Jr., Esquire III. As UM’s resident artist-in-chief, he’s helped us birth a wide variety of creative projects from infancy to the nursing home. And he’s back with a unique …

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A Letter To UM

As many of you may know, we’ve recently begun experimenting with semi-private events, an idea hatched during our Death By Stereo pre-order campaign. These curveballs experiences are aimed at those of you who have given so much to us over the years…tireless support, unbridled enthusiasm and passionate advocacy. This year’s “Bill Graham For A Day” show was another smashing success and you raised the bar for all of us here in the UM family with …

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