Monetizing Music, Marketing & Data in the New Music Business

UPDATE: Due to the general awesomeness of the Umphrey’s fan base, they have agreed to broadcast this particular webcast for free if you help spread the word. Use this link, tell your friends and tag all posts with #musicbiz2013.



For you fans who find yourselves discussing the world of UM well beyond the music, this one is for you. Our longtime friend and trusted consigliere Syd Scwhartz is giving a presentation this thursday at the NARM/s MusicBiz 2013 conference¬†about various business and marketing innovations in recorded music, live music experiences, music tech and more. He’s featuring Umphrey’s McGee in his talk and will be citing various examples of the many screw ball things we’ve done to entertain you over the years. He’ll be discussing the business side of projects like the Hall of Fame records, Mantis pre-order, UMBowl, Stew Art Series, sUMmer school, so forth and so on.

If any of you up and coming musicians, marketers, or general curious souls want to check out the talk, it will be webcast live at 2PM PST/5PM EST this Thursday, May 9th. The webcast for Syd’s presentation on UM is $5 or $10 for all 5 NARM webcasts. For the record, Syd diligently lobbied to show this talk for free but it wasn’t his call. He’s ensured us that we’ll all get our money’s worth.