Brainstorming: A look into the Red Rocks promo video

We brainstorm constantly. Day in, day out. Sometimes it takes place in the back of the bus, in the office, at a Cubs game, over email, while running, on the phone or in this case, gchat. Sometimes it takes forever to come up with an idea, sometimes it happens instantly. I thought it would be fun to share the process on this one since we rarely have a complete record from start to finish. ¬†Jefferson Waful & I sat down to rap about ideas for the following Red Rocks promo video and here’s how things ensued. (Disclaimer: not safe for Brendan’s mom so Pat, hi and please stop reading here. Thanks.).


Friday, May 10, 2013 – 3:01 PM

Jefferson: Video promo ideas for Red Rocks?

Kevin: We’ve got a bunch of footage from the last 2 years that could probably be repurposed in some way. Maybe some of this stuff…

Jefferson: Cool, I think we should include a little interview content too. Very Brief. Joel and Stasik ala Stubbs promo.

Kevin: Sure. At the end of the day, we want something that makes people feel like they just can’t miss it. Whether it takes the uplifting route or the party/rock route or….

Jefferson: I was thinking of having them all huddled around a table talking about redacted due to maintaining element of surprise.

Kevin: Yea.

Jefferson: But something vague. Or something hilarious.

Kevin: You could walk in on them plotting and then they all go quiet when they see the camera.

Jefferson: What rhymes with Red Rocks?

Kevin: Cocks.

Jefferson: “Waful. Get out. Band only!”

Kevin: Too graphic ūüôā Truman show parody? “how will it end”

Jefferson: We could have Kris walk in with a bunch of red dildos. “No Kris, I said we were shooting the Red ROCKS promo.

Kevin: “Oh Red ROCKS”

Jefferson: Yes, Have Rachel go to the sex shop ASAP.

Kevin: Red Sox. More PC.

Jefferson: Red Sox= Much more PC and universal. Myers walks in decked out in full Red Rocks uniform. The WHOLE uniform. We can get one online cheap. Black paint under his eyes. Cleats. The whole nine yards (innings). “No Kris! Red ROCKS promo”

Kevin: Natural music playing in the background? As in the film, The Natural.

Jefferson: We can get an official looking Sox jersey and a hat for under $100, then get generic white baseball pants and “red” baseball sox at a sports store. We should totally do this. Amazing imagery. We should order the jersey and gear NOW! So we have it by hangout. The black paint under the eyes sells it. And a bat.

Kevin: Then after the joke, Do we cut to a big stunning Red Rocks imagery and bombastic audio?

Jefferson: We COULD cut to the footage of the light towers exploding from the movie.

Kevin: Interesting. That could work.

Jefferson: I’ll have to look at the footage to see if there is an isolated shot of just the lights without any actors.

Kevin: I just think we need some good UM shots/vid to remind people how awesome Red Rocks is/will be.

Jefferson: Agreed. Shots of UM but with Natural music? That could be dramatic… Put the video in slow motion. Shit. I want to edit that right now to see what it looks like. Closeups of the band member in slow motion. Myers on the kit.

Kevin: Indeed. Or great UM audio but the Natural is really emotionally powerful.

Jefferson: Or both.

Kevin: Yea.

Jefferson: Natural first…Then quick 5 seconds of UM at the outro

Kevin: Big rock section of The Floor.

Jefferson: Perfect. Do you have access to that video online?

Kevin: The documentary footage?

Jefferson: The Floor from Red Rocks.

Kevin: Yes. Just sent you an HD dl link for The Floor from TourGigs.

Jefferson: Perfect. I’ll edit The ending now and get back to you. Inspired.

Kevin: Let me know if it works, I’m pretty sure it’s the full res. Awesome. Productive Gchat.

Jefferson: Yes, we got there pretty quickly. Shall I CC rachel on the email to get the ball rolling on props?

Kevin:¬†Let’s make sure the band is into it and then fwd it on to rachel

Jefferson:¬†Copy. I mean, not copy. ūüôā

Kevin: mm/

Friday, May 10, 2013 – 3:10 PM

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