RIP Storm Thorgerson

We lost a legend today. Storm Thorgerson created some of the most iconic album artwork of all time, including Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon which will forever resonate throughout popular culture. We had the privilege of working with Storm on two covers that remain amongst our favorites. I will always remember my conversations with him as he unknowingly taught me the finer points of British, dead pan humor.  I would repeatedly ask myself, “Is he serious or is this a joke?” It was almost always a joke.

In honor of his passing, I cracked the lid on the the archives so we could share some the work he created for us and some of the ideas we kicked around during that process. We’ll be pouring a little out for you tonight, Storm.


Original hand drawn sketch of Safety In Numbers

SINCoverSafety In Numbers


Original sketch for….something (dragged)

Where we landed

whichwaytogo-coversizeOne alternate idea for the Safety In Numbers cover


We ultimately folded it into the Bottom Half liner notes

UMTheBottomHalfcoverAn instant classic in our book


One of many more Storm ideas from the archive


UM & Storm in London on 03/14/06

RIP Storm Thorgerson